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  • Insider Trading

Buying and selling stock shares in a company you work for or with and to which you have access of non-public information is restricted under insider trading laws. Federal laws covering this are far more extensive than state laws so most cases of this nature are tried in federal court. A Miami federal crimes lawyer and former Miami-Dade Cyber Crime Prosecutor from our firm is experienced and knowledgeable in both state and federal court procedure and can represent you reliably if you have been charged with this white collar crime. Anyone with inside information must either disclose the information or refrain from buying or selling stock related to that information.

It is also illegal to act on a “hot tip” from someone who has access to insider information, even if you yourself don’t have that information or work for the companies related to that information. Government agencies have become quite clever in their methods of obtaining evidence of these types of crimes. If you have been charged with insider trading, or you feel you may have acted unknowingly or not on insider information, you should urgently seek the services of a Miami federal crimes lawyer at our firm.

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