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White Collar Crimes
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hite Collar Crime normally refers to crimes by people who are slightly more affluent – those who wear a “white collar” to work and perform professional, managerial, or administrative work. White-collar work is performed in an office, cubicle, or other administrative setting. Perhaps white collar cases are best defined as what they are not – drug cases, gun cases, or violent crime. They generally involve fraud or public corruption.

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Typical Kinds of White Collar Crimes
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General Hints In Case of A Police Raid
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A police raid or dawn raid is a visit by the police or other officials, often in the early morning, hoping to use the element of surprise to arrest targets that they think may hide contraband or other evidence, resist arrest, be politically sensitive, or simply be elsewhere during the day. In white collar crime cases, companies are targeted by dawn raids in order to secure documents, computers, hard drives containing possible proof for criminal acts done by or through the company.

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  • Call your defense attorney, our emergency line is +49 (0) 69 24 24 065 0 -,
  • Keep calm and polite, do not get nervous, do not overreact on harsh remarks of some officers -,
  • Ask for the search warrant and take a look at it. It should contain the scope of the search. In case it is not issued by a judge but by the prosecutor, it must contain an explanation why there is imminent danger.
  • Do not talk without your attorney. Not even if they ask you kindly.
  • Do not resist, even if you are convinced of being innocent. The officers only fulfill their duties. If the charge or the grounds for the search warrant are unjustified this can be clarified later.
  • Do not destroy or hide documents or electronical data – it will be viewed as danger of collusion and end with imprisonment for the accused one. If you do that as a non-accused person, destroying evidence is a crime !
  •  If possible, ask the officers if they allow you to make copies of documents you need to continue your business.