The world of public concerts and other events is one of the most dynamic areas in the entertainment industry. As a result of the growth of the event market, its legal framework has also become more important. From the small live performance in a bar, concerts, fairs and festivals – cultural events are only successful if the economic objectives are also legally secured.

In addition to the necessary contracts between the parties involved, the public requirements and approvals must also be kept in mind during events.

Typical legal issues in the field of events …

  • Representation of artists, organizers and venues
  • Design event contract, event contract
  • Artistic Management Contract
  • Engagement of performers
  • Catering
  • Performance disturbances between organizer, visitors and artists
  • Ticket sales
  • Liability, organizer liability
  • Insurance issues at events
  • Labor law at events
  • Problems in trademark and competition law
  • Copyright and Performance Protection
  • Problems with collecting societies
  • Regulatory requirements / approvals at events
  • Tax issues regarding events