Manuel Polo via UnsplashGerman Consumer protection law, according to the requirements of European law, is today a narrow corset for all entrepreneurial activities when goods or services are supplied by companies to consumers who do not act entrepreneurially. The legal requirements are hardly to be overlooked. However, the possible consequences of violations of consumer protection standards are often painful. On the one hand, a company loses valuable legal positions against the customer; on the other, consumer protection regulations are market behavior rules – which means that competitors or consumer protection groups can also take legal action in the event of violations of the company concerned.

In order to avoid such risks and to comply with the complicated protection standards – compliance – we advise companies, among others. In the following areas of consumer protection:

Problem Areas in Consumer Protection …

  • Fulfilling information requirements for consumers
  • Preparation and verification of the legal conformity of withdrawal instructions in the field of distance selling and the “contracts concluded outside business premises”
  • Verification of compliance with data protection and copyright requirements
  • Creation and review of terms and conditions for the distribution of goods and services to consumers
  • Consultation on legal issues of warranty and guarantee in purchase law
  • Compliance with information requirements imposed by internet law, such as the creation of a legally compliant imprint
  • Extraordinary defense against unjustified claims and representation of companies
  • Consumer Protection in through competition law (UWG)
  • Consumer protection for unused merchandise deliveries and profit statements
  • Consumer protection in the field of sales law (outsourcing, remote sales, e-commerce)
  • Consumer protection in contract law (contracts of sale, supply services, financial services, insurance services, tourism and leisure, health services)
  • Manufacturing guarantees, producer and product liability