Red Rock Wealth Concept – failing Interest Payments

Red Rock Wealth Concept Interest Zinsen

Investors who have invested considerable amounts in Red Rock Wealth Concept GmbH, which have been declared as so-called “loan notes”, occasionally wait in vain for the promised semi-annual interest distributions to be paid.

Part of the “Red Rock” Group

Red Rock Wealth Concept GmbH is part of a network of companies called Red Rock. Red Rock Capital AG seems to act here as the parent company.

Allegedly attractive interest

The promised return should represent an interest rate of an astonishing 12.5%. However, these amounts have so far not been paid out to a few investors despite contractual maturity. The reasons for the payment default were not communicated.

Legal options against Red Rock

It is noticeable that with this investment it seems to be partly unclear what should be done with the invested money. No plausible investment targets can be derived from the individual contract documents available here. Accordingly, it will be difficult for investors to check that the funds invested are being used properly.

As a lawyer, we advise you to remind you of the interest payments in writing.

It is possible that the entire capital can be reclaimed if payments are not made permanently in breach of the contract.

Whether or not BaFin approval is required for this type of investment is still being examined. The existence of a deposit transaction is conceivable. Even then, the investment would be recoverable.

Need for advice?

If you are concerned, please contact us, we will discuss the legal options with you.