The complexity of doing business in developed countries is ever increasing. The legal framework can hardly be grasped, not speaking of complying to it.

However, all major jurisdictions foresee civil liability as well as criminal liability for violations of laws and many business people suddenly face criminal charges.

If things get difficult, you need a very strong defence line. We offer competent and firm defence.

To avoid risks of civil and criminal liability, we offer our legal expertise on drafting contracts, the course of action in case of violations against laws as well as litigating your claims against others.

Another major focus of our practice is the law of transport, customs law and foreign trade law.

Transport Law, Customs Law & Foreign Trade Law

Frankfurt is the major business hub in Germany. Hundreds of thousands of goods and services are exchanged every day via different means of transportation. Road transportation, air cargo and railway transportation converge in the Rhein-Main area and Frankfurt. We offer our litigation skills as well as contractual design for all legal issues arising from transportation, customs as well as foreign trade, including export control.

White Collar Crime

We are specialized in white collar crimes and ready to defend you and your business against any charges arising from business activity.

Commercial Litigation, Dispute Resolution & Arbitration.

Litigation risks cannot always be controlled. But in case you intend to bring forward a claim or defend yourself against one, you need a lawyer with expertise in the procedural frameworks of both state courts as well as arbitral tribunals. In the international context, state courts are in many cases not the first choice to settle a dispute. Companies tend to agree on arbitration clauses. Arbitral procedures are often conducted in English and can be highly efficient. In both cases, we offer our experience and knowledge of both procedural rules as well as substantive law to achieve the best results.

Legal Counsel in Business Law

We also offer our clients legal counsel in a variety of aspects of commercial and business law. Our portfolio comprises contract design, delivery contracts, terms of services, standard terms of business, commercial lease agreements, framework agreements, food law and product safety regulations. If we are not specialized in a specific field of law, we can recommend qualified experts.